To access the updated PPGTPC production, visit the platform Sucupira Capes ( and perform the following routines:


1) Select the icon Intellectual Productions: (

2) Choose: the year; the institution (Universidade Federal do Pará), the Program (Theory and Behavioral Research-15001016009P0); Type of Production (artistic; Bibliography; or Technical).

3) Activate the button "Browse".

4) After the last procedure, the list of production will be visualized. Then, activate the magnifying glass on the right side of each item. That way, you'll have detailed information about the production.

5) If you want to show all of the productions of the program, activate directly the button "Browse". The complete production list of the selected year will be then visualized. Pressing the magnifying glass to the right of each item, you will get detailed pieces of information about each production.