Title of activity: PROCAD-NF Scientific Cooperation Network in Human Development

Theme: Human Development

Partnerships: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR).

Objective: The project "network of scientific cooperation in human development" aims to stimulate scientific and academic interaction between professors and students of the programs involved, which have as their mission the formation and research in psychology.

Linked Project or Group: Project "Scientific cooperation network in human development"

(X) Research () Extension () Development () Other

Coordinator (s):

Actions: Such interaction is reflected in the implementation of a academic cooperation network with the intent to implement joint projects in research, teaching and intervention (as emphasis in some subgroups). Human resources and infrastructure available in the various programs allow the increase and deepening of studies with methodological rigor and the creation of motivating conditions for better training.

Professors and students involved: 12 professors (five from PPGTPC, four from UFRGS and three from UNIFOR) and 10 students from PPGTPC (two PhD students and eight Master’s degree students)

Results: Activities students at UFRGS: 4 students at UNIFOR, being 2:00 pm March/2011 and 2:00 pm August/2011; 10 students at the UFPA, being 3 Master’s Sandwich in March 2011, 5 Master’s Sandwich and 2 PhD Sandwich in August/2011 and in 2012 were sent four Master’s degree and two PhD students. Professors from UFRGS have been in programmes as a members of stands of final examinations of thesis and dissertation in addition to the implementation of the tasks of the Faculty of the UNIFOR and UFPA at UFRGS. Its planned to 2015 the edition of a book, with the production of the group.

Duration: 12/1/2009 to 12/31/2014

Funding/Incentives: PROCAD-NF/CAPES.