Concentration Area: Experimental Psychology


Research topic: Experimental Behavioral Analysis: Experimental and Historic- Conceptual Basis.


Behavioral Analysis of Cultural Processes: macrocontingencies and metacontingencies

Coordinator: Emmanuel Zagury Tourinho

Start date: 03/2011

Funding: CNPq


Ordinal Relations Learning

Coordinator: Grauben José Alves de Assis

Start date: 01/2010


Aversives Contingencies and Creative Behavior: basic and complex behavioral processes

Coordinator: Marcus Bentes de Carvalho Neto

Start date: 01/2004


Auditory-Visual Discrimination in Infants: role of joint attention and learning by exclusion

Coordinator: Carlos Barbosa Alves de Souza

Start date: 01/2011


Effects of Justifications on the Following of the Rules

Coordinator: Luiz Carlos de Albuquerque

Start date: 01/2013


Studies on Stimuli Control and Class Formation in Capuchin Monkeys Cebus Apella

Coordinator: Romariz da Silva Barros

Start Date: 01/2011

Funding: CNPq


Research topic: Development of Behavioral Technology


Attendance and Research on Learning and Development - APRENDE

Coordinator: Romariz da Silva Barros

Start date: 05/2012

Funding: CNPq, CAPES and MEC


Identification of Factors Related to the Adherence to the Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and their Caregivers

Coordinator: Eleonora Arnaud Pereira Ferreira

Start date: 01/2012


Induction of Vocal Behavior in Autistic Children

Coordinator: Francois Jacques Tonneau

Start date: 01/2013

Funding: CNPq


Educational Technologies and Social Interactions in Inclusive Education

Coordinator: Grauben José Alves de Assis

Start date: 01/2009

Funding: CNPq